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Welcome to the Aronson Law Firm – home of GOAT divorces. What is a GOAT divorce?

GOAT generally stands for “Greatest Of All Time”. The Nevada Bar advertising rules won’t let me say I am the “greatest of all time” attorney, but I do aspire to provide the community with the “greatest of all time” divorces. We achieve this by working to keep costs minimal, make the process as clear as possible, and work towards resolutions that are fair and put family first.

With over 8 years of Family Law experience working at some of the most respected law firms in Las Vegas, Nevada, I have the expertise and financial knowledge to maximize what each party receives and minimize the time and expense of the divorce process.

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GOAT Divorce

Want to work together with your spouse and divide your things, financial issues, and set up time with your children as painlessly, quickly, and cheaply as possible?  As well as enlist the help of an attorney who can explain to you what everyone is actually entitled to and the likely outcomes in Court? Get a GOAT divorce. A GOAT divorce (or Greatest  Of All Time) comes as close as possible to its namesake. We seek to make the process of obtaining a divorce as clear, cost-effective, and efficient as possible. Our aim is to create family-first resolutions.

GOAT Custody

If you want to work with your spouse on how to divide time and financial issues relating to children, but do not know what a fair resolution looks like, we can help you find those solutions and consider things you may never have thought about on your own to make it easier to navigate co-parenting going forward.

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