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Already know exactly what you want to do? We can write up the uncontested divorce paperwork cheaply and make it happen.


Have a contested divorce matter? We have years of experience handling contested divorce matters with assets ranging from minimal to hundreds of millions.


Want to work together with your spouse and divide your things, financial issues, and set up time with your children as painlessly, quickly, and cheaply as possible, with the help of someone who can explain to you what everyone is actually entitled to and the likely outcomes in Court? Get a GOAT divorce.

Premarital Agreements


If you want to protect your assets you have prior to marriage or prepare a roadmap to a quick and easy divorce if one ever becomes necessary, a prenup can do that.


Someone brought you a prenuptial agreement and you aren’t sure if you should sign it? I can review it and point out any and all potential issues and help you feel comfortable with whatever decision you make.

Postmarital Agreements

Postnuptial agreements can help set up your financial affairs in the case a divorce is ever necessary and allows you to work together with your partner while times are still good.

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QDRO Preparation

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is necessary to divide 401(k)s and Pensions (but not IRAs). We have years of experience preparing QDROs, and are cheaper than our leading competitors.

PERS and Pension

There are several additional issues involved with the preparation of QDROs for pensions, including PERS, such as survivor benefits, what option to select, and how to calculate the marital portion. We can review, advise, or prepare any QDRO.

Financial Analysis

Neutral financial services

If you need to have someone review any financial issues with your divorce case with both a legal and a mathematical mind, we offer any financial service to help parties and attorney’s find the “right” answer, or at least the right range of answers to help facilitate a quicker and more cost-effective divorce.

Malmquist Analysis

If one spouse owns a house prior to marriage, the other spouse may have gotten an interest in that house during the marriage. How much that interest is will be determined by the Malmquist formula, which we can help you complete, either for one side or in a neutral capacity.

Stock Division calculations

When one party receives stock options or restricted stock units from their employer, there is a community portion to even the benefits that are received after the marriage has ended. We can help with these stock division calculations.

Marital waste audits

Sometimes during a marriage, one party, or both parties, abscond with money in ways that the Court may determine are marital waste. We can go through statements and documents and determine approximately how much marital waste there is.

Proposed Community Property Division

In order to fairly divide your things, knowing exactly what there is and how much these things are worth is an important step. We can help prepare a proposed community property division chart that can really help visualize and solve what a divorce should look like financially.


Timeshare calculations

Pursuant to a case called Rivera, generally (with lots of exceptions), if a party has the children at least 40% of the time, they have joint physical custody and both parties are responsible for child support to the other, but if that party drops below 40%, the other party may have primary physical custody and only the parent with less time will be responsible for child support to the other. We can calculate what the actual % is.

Child support calculations

Child support under the current law is generally a fairly easy calculation, but if there is anything that is not simple, having someone who is knowledgeable both on the law and the intricacies of the calculations can be very helpful in determining child support.


If you want to work with your spouse on how to divide time and financial issues relating to children, but do not know what a fair resolution looks like, we can help you find those solutions and consider things you may never have thought about on your own to make it easier to navigate co-parenting going forward.


Know what you want and need someone to write it up in a way the Court will like? We can do that.


Want to fight over custody? We can do that.


Half-Day Mediation

Mediation can help two parties, either with or without attorneys, who do not agree on what a settlement should look like, reach a fair settlement that works for everyone. Half-day mediation may be enough if the issues are not overly complicated.

Half-Day Mediation

Full-day mediation allows everyone involved to set a day aside and work as long as it takes to solve their divorce or custody issues and reach a resolution.

Parenting Coordination

Sometimes a parenting coordinator is necessary to ensure that parents work together for the best interests of their children. I have taken courses relating to this field and have been on the Court’s outsourced provider list as a parenting coordinator.